Lysse Women’s Clothing

Lysse Women's Clothing at Shelly's Boutique

Lyssé Leggings

There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable in pair pants.  Except if you have to wear them all day and night!  No matter your size and shape, we have all experienced this special kind of agony before.  Whether it’s suffocating in a pair of way too tight jeans, or the annoying feeling that your pants are falling off with every step you take, pants that just don’t fit right are the worst. More so, we’ve all experienced the sweet relief of trading those super cute killers in for their more comfortable, usually less attractive, counterparts as soon as we walk through the door.

Now imagine, if you can, a pair of ultra-chic, totally luxurious, comfortable pants that can easily be worn for hours, if not days at a time.  Think it sounds too good to be true, well it’s not! Don’t believe us, then come on into Shelly’s Boutique in Shakopee, MN where we will blow your mind with Lyssé brand’s amazing one of a kind leggings and pants!  Designed to not only to be fab and fashionable, Lyssé huge variety of leggings and pants are comfortable, form fitting and made from wearable fabrics.

From the hustle of the work day, directly out to dinner then right to your couch, Lyssé leggings are perfect for every day and every occasion! Choose form their massive array of styles like their Taylor Seamed Leggings, Denim Leggings, Soft Denim Joggers, Bowery Leggings and Embroidered Vegan Leggings, to create on-trend ensembles that will make you feel as good as you look!  The secret to their special fit is in the waistband, which not only tucks and covers, but is also flexible and moves with your body. So stop tugging, adjusting, and stuffing yourself into ill-fitting pants and come see for yourself what Shelly’s Boutique and Lyssé brand leggings are all about! We guarantee you will not be disappointed.


Lysse Leggings at Shelly's Boutique in Shakopee

Lyssé Apparel

Best known for their stylish, form fitting yet comfortable leggings and pants, Lyssé’s line of tops, jackets, sweaters, and blouses totally live up to the label’s carefree and confident reputation.  Whether you’re into flowy, form fitting, casual or done-up, when you wear Lyssé brand clothing you will never feel self-conscious about the ensemble you chose to rock.

Specializing in plus sizes, Lyssé has designed their stunning separates and leggings to feel like they were tailored to fit your exact body type.  Lyssé also never compromises quality for style or comfort, which allows their customers to feel self-assured with every purchase. This unique fashion line truly offers something for every woman, but especially to those women who want to invest in their personal style, just as much as their confidence and comfort.  But don’t just take our word for it, instead come in to Shelly’s Boutique and let our fashion experts personally assist you in finding the right size and styles for your curves.